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HAHP Period panties are like regular panties that can be worn during your menstrual cycle. These panties can prove to be a great replacement of sanitary pads, tampons or menstrual cups. HAHP Period panties are reusable and can sustain multiple washes. They help in protecting the environment by managing the sanitary waste. HAHP period panty is designed with ultra-care and the enzymes used are skin friendly. It can be worn more comfortably as it is designed to be sleek and subtle that imitates the regular underwear. Each woman is unique and so her periods. These are carefully designed to look and feel like regular undergarment that is not much bulkier. These panties hold additional fabrics as layers in the entire crotch area to absorb menstrual blood. Technological expertise is applied to make it super slim but still can hold upto 20 ml of menstrual blood, which is 4 times the capacity of a sanitary pad. The top most layer, that is closer to the skin, wicks off the moisture and keeps you dry. Anti-bacterial and anti-odour property are ensured in this layer. The next layer absorbs and holds the blood. The outer layer provides the leak resistant characteristic for the panty.


Top Layer

Top layer is a skin friendly cotton fabric that wicks off the fluid and transport moisture.

Middle Layer

The middle layer safely absorbs and locks the moisture.

Bottom Layer

Bottom layer is a breathable protective membrane that gives a leak-proof finish.

HAHP Front


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size chart
HAHP Period Panty Size Chart
SizeHip (Centimetres)Hip (Inches)
2XS51 - 6120 - 24
XS61 - 7124 - 28
S71 - 8128 - 32
M81 - 8932 - 35
L89 - 9735 - 38
XL97 - 10738 - 42
XXL107 - 11742 - 46
3XL117 - 12546 - 49
4XL125 - 13249 - 52

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Size Chart

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