Wearing HAHP period panties will be more comfortable compared to sanitary pads / tampons as these panties does not need any additional attachments. They are worn like normal underwear and can be washed and reused multiple times, that aids in efficient sanitary waste management. They are skin friendly and lets you experience a rash-free periods. Using HAHP period panty is economical too. Why delay? Gear up to experience a pad-free period experience!!!

The crotch area of HAHP period panty is made up of multiple layers. The top most layer, that is closer to the skin, wicks off the moisture and keeps you dry. Anti-bacterial and anti-odour property are ensured in this layer. The next layer absorbs and holds the blood. The outer layer provides the leak resistant characteristic for the panty.

Each woman undergoes different experience during her menstrual cycle! When you are trying HAHP period panty for the first time, please wear and test it at home, so that you can be sure about how long it is working out for you!

Washing HAHP Period panties is no more a difficulty than washing regular laundry! Keep the used panty under running water until the blood is washed away completely. Then wash it like any other lingerie using normal detergent. You can machine wash it in gentle cycle in cold water. Hang dry. For Do’s and Dont’s, click here to refer

HAHP has been tested to hold up to 4 times the capacity of menstrual blood absorbed by a normal sanitary pad. That is, HAHP can hold up to 20ml of menstrual blood and can be used without any additional products. Every woman is unique and so her periods! So, when you are a first-time user, please take a trial at home to test the duration of hold and comfort.

Yes, HAHP can be a replacement for Sanitary Pads, Tampons or Menstrual cups depending on your flow, as everyone’s period is different.

Though HAHP Period panty is designed to hold up to 20ml of menstrual blood, it is recommended to change it every 8 hours for better hygiene. Depending on the menstrual flow, it can be used up to 12 hours also.

Yes, HAHP period panty is currently available only in black color. More colour options will be added in the future.

HAHP period panty can be purchased from our website www.hahpperiodpanties.com and other online portals including Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa and Big Basket. Also, HAHP will be made available in selected stores across India, in mere future.

Yes, HAHP period panty is purely a Made-in-India product. All the manufacturing processes are done in India and even the raw materials are sourced within India.

Because the initial outlay of period panty seems like more, many women mistakenly think that period panties are more expensive to use. A woman uses approximately 15 pads per menstrual cycle. Assuming the average cost per pad to be Rs.10, a female spends about Rs.150 per month that sums up to an annual expenditure of Rs.1800. HAHP period panties are less expensive than this as they are washable and can be reused multiple times.

HAHP period panty can certainly be used for rare spotting and occasional incontinence.

HAHP period panty does not release any bad odour. It has special enzymes to make it odourless. Also make sure to completely dry the period panty after every wash.

Please do refer our “Return & Refund policy” available in the link.

Thank you for the interest shown in stocking the HAHP period panty. Please mail your details to sales@hahpperiodpanties.com and our marketing team will contact you shortly.

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